Parenting is hard, together we make it easier.

About Sarah K. Jacobi, PhD and PCI Certified Parent Coach ®

It is my passion to help parents get in touch with their authentic parenting voice, to shed all the cultural “shoulds” of parenting, and find what works for their family.  Parenting is the ultimate gift to the world - parents literally shape the future

As a parent of two young girls, I believe effective parenting starts by looking within yourself to identify and honor your values, and uncover your unique strengths. By devoting energy to your own needs first, you will paradoxically strengthen your connection with your children, find yourself calmer and more centered, and build confidence in your parenting.

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I founded Are We There Yet Parent Coaching to help parents confidently and lovingly connect with and guide their children to create a more joyful, happier, and peaceful family life. A native of Chicago, I hold a Ph.D. in Decision Science from Johns Hopkins University and received my Parent Coach Certification® in 2019 through the Parent Coaching Institute® in association with Seattle Pacific University.


I have expertise in uncovering what matters to parents and how to make the best decisions based on those values. I love working with parents of children with all kinds of temperaments and abilities.  In addition, I am a twice exceptional parent (gifted & ADHD) of a twice exceptional, and high-needs child, which makes me uniquely qualified to offer empathy, understanding, and appropriate strategies to help both parents with ADHD, and parents of gifted children, children with ADHD, or high needs children to be successful.


Children do well when they can. As parents, it’s our job to uncover the messages our children are communicating with their behavior, and find strategies to help our children live fulfilling lives. I’d love to schedule a complimentary 90-minute conversation so we can explore together whether Are We There Yet Parent Coaching is a fit for your family. Click here to read my whole story

If you are feeling overwhelmed and unsure what to do as a parent, I’d like to help.