Parenting is hard, together we make it easier.


What you can expect from coaching

As your parent coach, I bring authenticity, honesty compassion and understanding to the coaching relationship.  I use humor when appropriate, excel at quickly observing patterns in your life that can serve you or are getting in your way.  I have a gift for timeliness and knowing when my clients need an extra push to make big changes.  Above all, I offer you my unconditional support through your coaching journey.

I will ask you to bring to the relationship:

  • curiosity
  • your authentic self
  • readiness for change
  • commitment to the process
  • an openness and willingness to see yourself in a new light

Coaching with me includes

  • An intake conversation where we will uncover what’s true for you now - what challenges are you facing, where is your energy and attention? During our conversation, we will also investigate where you want to be and what roadblocks are currently getting in your way. This will also be a chance for me to tell you what I see and how working with me will bring your dream future into reality.
  • Having me actively in your life for a minimum of 4 months, offering my unconditional support and guidance.
  • Up to 4 one hour coaching conversations per month conducted via web conferencing
  • Unlimited email access to me throughout our coaching engagement
  • Between appointment resources that will help you learn more about your values, strengths and parenting preferences
  • Homework assignments that will ensure a lasting change
  • Accountability to help you make progress and reach your goals quickly

Because I am actively participating in your life throughout our coaching relationship, my fees are by the engagement, not the session.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and unsure what to do as a parent, I’d like to help.