Parenting is hard, together we make it easier.

As your parent coach, I will help you:

  • uncover your family’s personal values. Together, we will thoughtfully explore what makes your family unique and what you want more of in life. Gaining a deep understanding of what matters to you will impact how you parent and allow you to be more intentional in how you live you life.
  • understand and admire your strengths. Knowing what comes naturally to you, and finding ways to incorporate your unique strengths will empower you to seek out parenting approaches that feel authentic and come easily to you.
  • listen deeply to your own intuition and inner wisdom. Deep down, you know the answers that you are seeking. You know your children and family better than anyone else. Working together, I will help you to slow down and tune into your astute inner voice, so that you can create the life you have longed for.
  • create the parenting approaches that bring life to your family. With my guidance and support we will identify practical approaches that connect you with your kids, bring confidence to your parenting, and leave you with more energy.
  • practice and refine your parenting approaches. Between sessions, you will have the opportunity to use your creativity and personal strengths, combined with your deep understanding of your family, to test and refine your parenting techniques through thoughtful homework assignments. Having my unconditional support along with your willingness provide a beautiful landscape to allow your creativity to generate new ideas.
  • be accountable to make meaningful change. I will be here supporting you and encouraging you to take small steps towards your ideal future. I excel at helping you to break down large tasks into manageable pieces which allows you to build upon your progress and truly transform your life.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and unsure what to do as a parent, I’d like to help.