Parenting is hard, together we make it easier.

“I worked with Sarah for several months. Initially I began working with her because I was frustrated by my family’s after-school routine (or lack thereof). Sarah helped me understand that the issue was more than how to get my kids off their iPads in the afternoon, that what I really needed to do was identify my goals, assert myself and prioritize self-care. Now instead of feeling lost and frantic after school, I can be calm and gently redirect the kids in productive ways rather than forcing and fighting. Sarah was a pleasure to work with. She was always empathetic and had respect for “where I was”. She clearly cares deeply about helping parents and is up on all the latest information and debates. I feel like a much calmer and confident parent after working with her.”

 – Emily, mother of 2


“Sarah is passionate about helping parents become the best parents they can be. Working with Sarah helped me to solidify my vision and approach to motherhood. I feel more equipped to handle the challenges because of the new ideas and resources that Sarah shared with me.  Before meeting with Sarah, I didn’t think I needed a ‘parenting coach’ but I truly believe every parent could benefit from this type of ‘parent coaching’. I believe I am a better mom as a result of meeting with Sarah.”

– Meghan, mother of 3

“Sarah was an incredible resource as I transitioned from maternity leave to working full time. She had the unique gift of identifying the personal strengths that had made me successful in the past and helping me to translate those strengths into the new, unknown world of parenthood. Her coaching helped me dig deeper into the challenges of motherhood to help me identify specific tools and resources, and the confidence to focus on what fulfilled me as mom, wife and working mom.”

– Ashly, mother of 1


“I benefited tremendously from my coaching sessions with Sarah.  Many people told me “you don’t need coaching, you’re doing a great job” but I feel like everyone can benefit from this service.  Focus on the word coaching, and don’t think of it as counseling.  Working with Sarah has helped me develop my parenting philosophy and has helped me figure out what works best for MY family.  I have truly become a better parent and person through this coaching service as I was able to stay on track with my values and goals through the good and difficult times.”

– Alysha, mother of 2

“My time with Sarah was incredibly worthwhile as I was learning to navigate balancing family & career as a first-time mom. Sarah helped me process, articulate, and set goals around the kind of mother and wife I want to be without compromising other aspects of who I am as a woman. Sarah is such an empathetic listener and has an ability to provide relevant & practical resources that are still helping me in my growth journey!”

– Kaley, mother of 1

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“Sarah really helped us come together as parents and helped align our parenting styles. She helped us carve out time to focus on our family and helped identify areas we could do better. Since our coaching calls we are able to better handle parenting situations when they arise and stay calm.”

– Katie and Brock, parents of 2

If you are feeling overwhelmed and unsure what to do as a parent, I’d like to help.